M83 – “We Own the Sky”

Was macht man heutzutage, wenn immer weniger Geld für Videodrehs zur Verfügung steht? Man fragt einfach die Fans, ob sie Lust haben, ein Video zu drehen. Und wenn dann wie im vorliegenden Fall etwas so Großartiges dabei heraus kommt, dann sage ich: mehr davon!


YouTube Direkt

“You may have seen a lot of fan-made videos floating around out there for M83’s “We Own the Sky” lately. This is because they were holding a video contest, and the winner has finally been selected as of last week. The above video was created by a design group called Young Replicant, and it is now the official video for “We Own the Sky”. Anthony Gonzalez (aka M83) had this to say: “I like the atmosphere of it cause it fits perfectly to the music and the lyrics. It’s exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the song.” (Muzak For Cybernetics)