MP3 der Woche – The Vita Ruins

The Vita Ruins are an indie band based out of Washington D.C, started by Tim Kratzer (Vocal, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards) and Greg Balleza (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals) in 2005. […] In March 2010, they released their first full-length album “A Day Without A Name.”The Vita Ruins are excited about releasing their long-anticipated album and getting back on the road to bring their audience a unique mix of live electronics, indie rock, and their sonic, dark, but raw atmospheric music to the stage.

Klingt für mich wie eine Mischung aus den Klaxons, Type O Negative und Death From Above 1979.

The Vita Ruins – “Seven Suns”


  1. Klingt merkwürdig =)..Zumindest am Anfang.

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