Drüben bei indie-mp3 gibt es 2 ganz wunderbare Zip-Dateien voll mit Musik. Welche Songs auf diesem Sampler vertreten sind, das haben die Leser des Blogs bestimmt. Und zwar zu folgenden Bedingungen:

  • It should have been released in 2007 (although I might let you have a track from last year!)
  • It must have been a legal download (no P2P, Bit Torrent or other downloads)
  • It wasn’t obtained from a paid for music store (i-tunes, e-music etc)
  • It was downloaded from a bands website, my space page, record label page etc
  • It must be in mp3 format

Best Free Downloads 2007 – Part One
Best Free Downloads 2007 – Part Two

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