Nokia kommt mit Musik

Bereits seit Langem geistern Berichte über eine Kooperation zwischen Nokia und ein paar Majors durch das Internet. Es geht um “Comes With Music”, quasi ein “All You Can Eat”-Musikbuffet. Die genauen Spezifikationen waren (mir zumindest) bislang unklar, aber ab dem 2. Okotber herrscht Klarheit.

To subscribe, consumers need to purchase a dedicated “Comes With Music” device. […] Once both the handset and PC are set up, they give customers unlimited access to the entire catalog on the Nokia Music Store, which features more than 2 million tracks from three major labels (Universal Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group), plus a host of indie labels. Negotiations with EMI Music are still on-going. Subscribers will be able to download as many songs as they wish to their PCs for one year for free. They are also able to sideload the tracks to their dedicated Nokia phones. All songs downloaded during the year can be kept indefinitely. At the end of the year, users have various options. They can re-subscribe to “Comes With Music” via Nokia Music Store, but they will need an upgraded handset. They can continue purchasing songs a-la-carte via the Nokia Music Store, which charges £0.80 ($1.46) per track and £8.00 ($14.60) per album. Or they can keep accessing the songs downloaded for free during the one year, but only with the original handset.

Also: ein Jahr lang soviel Musik wie man möchte herunterladen (ok, von den angebotenen 2 Millionen Songs), danach für immer behalten. Klingt gut, wenn da nicht das kleine Manko wäre, das die Songs an das alte Gerät gekoppelt sind. So verstehe ich das zumindest.

Billboard: Nokia Set For “Comes With Music” Launch


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