Patrick Watson – Places You Will Go

“Places You Will Go” von Patrick Watson ist mit Abstand der wundervollste Song, den ich heute gehört habe. Und dabei habe ich heute sogar meine Playliste mit den Songs des Jahres 2015 gehört. Das will also schon was heißen. Natürlich habe ich den Song umgehend zur Playliste hinzugefügt.

Das sagt übrigens Patrick Watson über “Places You Will Go”:

“That is kind of a song that is the most similar to what we’ve done in the past. I read a lot of Dr. Seuss books when I was a kid and the book I took the title from is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. All Dr. Seuss books make incredible adult songs. I was reading the book to my kids and I realized Dr. Seuss wrote so many smart things in it that even adults don’t tell each other. If something were to ever happen to me and when my kids become twenty years old I would want them to listen to this song as my personal message to them.”

Unten habe ich noch den Text des Songs für dich, damit du weisst, wovon er spricht.

Und so großartig klingt “Places You Will Go”:

You could have stepped into the top of the water poles
Into the wells of the shimmer love
She’s gonna drive you to the shores
But you don’t know who you are
I tell her take your time now
You’re gonna take, take your time

Walking through the city of too many roads
When I don’t know how to walk
Staring all the pretty lights
Get off it starts feeling right
Places you will go

It can be shiny, tiny, stranger wandering
And if you don’t wanna ride
It’s gonna get a little lonely, that’s right
The only thing you need to feel
Should have ???

Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla
Been talking so talking but you don’t wanna hear
It’s one of the seasons, let me try, trying to find
Put the trouble ???
Get out, get out the world you came
Places you will go
All the places you can go
It’s so simple now
Feels like we don’t want anyone
Put your head down on my shoulder
I can turn, we can turn to the places we know
I can turn, we can turn to the places we know
Turn in time and find some

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