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Ruhe in Frieden, Jay Reatard

Mann, das ist hart. Jay Reatard, der Schöpfer dieser wunderbar kurzen Punk-Eruptionen, ist gestern im Alter von gerade einmal 29 Jahren verstorben. Ein Nachruf von Bradford Cox (Deerhunter/Atlas Sound):

Jay was what few people have the capacity to be. He created an undeniably classic album that contained so much pain transfered to tape in such an explosive way that it made you feel different after hearing it. He was transgressive and honest. His flaws were something he focused on and overdubbed and distorted until they made you forget who he really was – a person with feelings and a good heart. He loved music and worked hard from a young age to pursue it. He was a self-made and unmade man. I am truly sickened to see him go.

Mein Beileid gilt den Angehörigen.