Take Away Show von Spoon (“Got Nuffin'” & “The Ghost Of You Lingers”)

Auch wenn ich nach wie vor sagen muss, das mich ihr letztes Studioalbum immer noch nicht annähernd so mitreißt wie seinerzeit “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”, ein paar tolle Momente hatte natürlich auch “Transference” zu bieten. “Got Nuffin'” gehört neben “The Mystery Zone” zum Beispiel dazu. Eben diesen Song spielten sie zusammen mit dem tollen “The Ghost Of You Lingers” vom Vorgänger für die Take Away Show.

Britt Daniel and his band arrived at Pigalle around midday nine months later. Remote and undoubtedly tired, he seemed a touch inconvenienced. We were intimidated, and silently worried upon what remedy would be needed to help relax the atmosphere. Finally though, they made the first move. As soon as those starting chords struck out they formed a somewhat tense jubilance within us that rooted us to the spot, whilst the sound of thumping sticks upon dusty old vinyls sent a shivering rhythm down our spines. This pure version of “The Ghost Within You Lingers” was their way of showing us they were happy to be here. Finally, there was no need for words.

The Take Away Shows: Spoon

Spoon | The ghost of you lingers / Got Nuffin | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.