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Universal & Google

Universal möchte ab Ende August eine 6-monatige Testphase beginnen, in denen der Major Teile seines Repertoires im DRM-freien MP3-Format anbieten möchte. Die Dateien werden allerdings mit einem Wasserzeichen versehen sein, um eventuelle Sünder ausfindig machen zu können. iTunes läßt man bei diesem Experiment explizit aussen vor, dafür hat man einen anderen äußerst interessanten Partner mit an Bord: Google.

“If a consumer Google’s 50 Cent, one of the top ads will be a link to purchase 99 cent mp3’s of the act via start-up gBox. Some of Universal’s top artists will also be selling mp3’s on their own sites. Both channels eliminate middlemen like Rhapsody and open direct communication between the artist and label and fans allowing Universal to capture purchase info for future marketing.” (hypebot)

“Another interesting aspect of the play involves Google. Universal will offer its tracks as contextual advertisements within Google AdWords, and direct queries to ecommerce destination gbox.com. “Because many consumers are searching for music and music-related news and information online, Google is a powerful way to drive consumers to this test,” a Universal representative said.” (Digital Music News)