Basement Revolver – Words

Aus Hamilton in Kanada kommt das Trio Basement Revolver. Ich mag ihren schluffigen Sound, der so ein wenig im Shoegaze verwurzelt ist (diese Bassdrum!).

Die erste EP von Basement Revolver erscheint am 15. Juli. Das großartige Johnny habe ich dir bereits vor ein paar Wochen vorgestellt.

Basement Revolver – neuer Song Words

Zum neuen Song Words sagt Chrisy Hurn: “‘Words’ was written when I was in my last semester of university. I lived downtown and school was up on the mountain and somewhat inaccessible by bus.

I was writing my honours psych thesis at the time, as well as many other papers, when it all began to feel meaningless. No matter what I said, in the end, words are just words. They can be stringed together to form something powerful but without context they become as mundane and uncontrollable as one’s commute to and from school. Similarly, a paper is just a paper, a degree is just a degree, and there is so much more to life than the plans and the empires that we build for ourselves.”



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