Corbu – Through Emptiness

Das Duo Corbu kommt aus New York und wird in Kürze sein Debütalbum Crayon Soul veröffentlichen.

Through Emptiness ist ein sehr interessanter Vorbote auf dieses Debüt, welcher bei mir nicht sofort zündete, sondern mich erst im zweiten Durchlauf überzeugte. Toller Song.

“Much of the debut album was inspired by the intense dreams frontman Jonathan Graves has experienced since childhood. ‘Through Emptiness’ traverses the contrasting emotions during and after dreams; experiencing joy in an unknown place where anything is possible, yet knowing that the dream will end. Jonathan says: “Dreams can be beautiful and cruel at the same time. People you’ve lost flicker back into existence for a moment, and then they’re gone again. There’s a tremendous comfort in knowing those spaces exist, even if just in your mind, mixed with the sadness of being dropped into them randomly and then having them ripped away.”

Crayon Soul,  das Debüt von Corbu erscheint am 5. August 2016

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Foto: Erika Mugglin & Corbu


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